About Us

CJ Proplan Ltd is a provider of bespoke project control and support consultancy within the various sectors including Public Utilities,Rail, Oil and Gas, Engineering services, Air/Sea Ports, Energy and Power, Waste, Highway Civil Works, Pharmaceutical, Mining and Construction. We deliver long term contracts to both private and public sector clients. Enjoying an enviable track record, CJ Proplan Ltd has worked on a wide range of projects from small scale surveys to the construction of multi-million pound infrastructures.

Project Control

We assist our clients in overcoming complicated project related situations and accomplishing their project objectives through industry awareness, practical business knowledge and technology experience.


CJ Proplan Ltd customizes services to meet each client’s particular needs in the management, oversight and forensic investigation of projects,

CJ Proplan Ltd consultants work directly with each client throughout the project cycle to ensure that our clients meet their project deliverables.